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VPA: So Cam, you've been playing rugby league in the NRL for 15 years now. You've achieved almost every recognition there is in the game. What's been the secret to your longevity?

Cam: A lot of hard work and a lot of luck [chuckles to himself]. I think the real trick is just taking care of yourself and making sure you are doing all the recovery.

VPA: So what type of recovery do you do?

Cam: Well we break "recovery" down into two parts - nutrition and physical. The physical is just your stretching [pre and post training] and ice baths [post training and game day]. The nutrition is making sure you put good quality foods and supplements into your body. You can't out-train a bad diet! We all receive our diet plans during pre-season and it's up to us to make sure we stick to it.

VPA: What is the #1 health and fitness advice you would give to anyone?

Cam: Probably "believe in yourself"! I've played with a lot of players over the years and champion players believe in their ability. They put their hand up when it counts. Sometimes it comes off, sometimes it doesn't. Oh and yes, only buy your supplements from VPA!

VPA: After 15 years you probably dont recover as well as you did when you were younger?

Cam: Actually, I feel much better now than when I was younger, I take care of myself much better now, I eat healthier and take the right products.

VPA: Oh wow, that's amazing to hear. So tell us about the specific foods and products you take to get such great recovery?

Cam: Its pretty simple really, I dont eat much junk food and I stay away from sugar. But I have noticed a huge benefit from taking a good protein powder after training. At the moment I'm loving the iced coffee flavour, could drink it all day.

"Since using VPA, I've seen my recovery and performance improve, it's that simple really" Cameron Smith

VPA: So what other VPA supplements do you take and why?

Cam: Well I keep it pretty simple really. Obviously the WPI after all my training sessions, but I also take the BCAA's in my water during training, I feel that it helps with muslce soreness. Before big sessions I take the pre-workout, it gives me a good kick, and I will take the Meal Replacement shake when ever I need to eat but don't have the time.

VPA: That's a good stack right there! Have you tried any of our capsules or amino acids at all?

Cam: Oh yeah, I also take the Fish oil & Multivitamins everyday, forgot about that.

VPA: DT's or Boardshorts?

Cam: Boardies thanks.

VPA: So, you've been using VPA products for a while now, how do they compare to other products you've had in the past?

Cam: Well, since using them I've seen my recovery and performance improve, it's that simple really. I guess it comes down to the quality, VPA is just better, there's no doubt about it.

VPA: Well we're just happy that we are able to support you and your success, it's a good feeling when someone like yourself thinks so highly of our products! Lastly, what would you tell anyone who is thinking about use supplements to help them with their training goals?

Cam: VPA products work, try them yourself and you will see. You can notice straight away the difference in your training when you use the pre-workout, and you can feel the difference in your recovery when you use the protein shakes after training.

VPA: Thats a great place to finish up, thanks for coming in today Cam.

Cam: No problem mate, it's always great seeing you guys. Can I grab a few products on my way out?

VPA: Hahaha of course!

"I guess it comes down to the quality, VPA is just better than other products on the market, there's no doubt about it" - Cameron Smith

"VPA products work, try them yourself and you will see" - Cameron Smith


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